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Useful things you need to know about Bread

Bread is the first standalone iOS Bitcoin wallet. The team that created this wallet wanted to give its clients world-class experience. If this is your first time to have a wallet, all you have to do is download the app, create an account, and you can happily send and receive bitcoins.

After the support and love that this wallet received through the years, the wallet is no longer limited to iPhone, but Android users can also enjoy its features. As of this writing, over 150 countries are using this mobile wallet.

Breadwallet to Bread: What are the new features?

The team decided to revamp Breadwallet to give users a better wallet for their cryptocurrencies. Now called “Bread”, this mobile wallet does not need external applications or other services just to send and receive bitcoins.

  • Enhanced security

To eliminate the risk of virtual theft and hacking, the wallet has industry-leading security features. The wallet still has the series of 12 random words that can replicate the private key. Not only that, if your phone is stolen, you can now easily recover your wallet with the Paper Key.

In addition to those, the wallet automatically creates a new wallet address after every transaction to make sure that no one can access your account.

  • Tighter privacy protection

The wallet directly links you to the Bitcoin network that is why you can be sure that the wallet cannot monitor any of your transactions. The wallet makes sure that you are still 100% in control of your funds.

  • Better user interface

Clients can now enjoy the new design for this wallet. Bitcoin users of all ages can now navigate the whole app without any problems. The wallet became more convenient to the point that users can now enjoy sending and receiving coins.

Disadvantages of Breadwallet to online poker players

  • Wallet takes too long to sync

Despite the good features that this Bitcoin wallet has, users have been experiencing problems with it. Unfortunately, it takes too long to sync. Users have to wait for a long time before it even starts. If this keeps up, online gamers will have lesser time to play more Bitcoin poker.

  • Long or unpredictable confirmations

If users are having trouble with syncing, it also takes a long time before the transaction is confirmed.  Once this is fixed, gamers can send more coins to Bitcoin poker sites for them to play more games.

  • Limited to Bitcoin only

 Sadly, the wallet only accepts Bitcoin. That is why gamers who are using altcoins tend to look for other wallets that offer more coins.

Now that the wallet just revamped, users can expect more features to come in the near future. The wallet is planning to release a new version in Android. In this new version, users can now adjust their transactions fees and other preference settings. Also, the wallet plans to support other crypto assets and add more useful features that can bring convenience to its clients.