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Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin wallets are essential in using Bitcoin because this is where your private key and public address are stored. Without the wallets, you will not be able to use Bitcoin. As many clients noticed the importance of wallets, there are different companies who created useful types of wallets.

Moreover, even Bitcoin poker players also used Bitcoin wallets for them to register to Bitcoin poker sites. This because you need to have a wallet first before you can play Bitcoin poker. If you wish to play Bitcoin poker and other Bitcoin games, you need to choose your wallet carefully. For more inquiries about Bitcoin, check the pages of Best Bitcoin Poker Room.

3 Types of Bitcoin wallets

There are different kinds of Bitcoin wallets to choose from. Make sure that you choose the suitable wallet for you.

  1. Hardware Bitcoin wallet – this type of Bitcoin wallet is usually in a form of a USB or a small device. Clients prefer this type of wallet because you can be guaranteed that you coins will be safe because it will be stored offline.
  2. Software Bitcoin wallet – Unlike a hardware Bitcoin wallet, this type of wallet is always online. This type of wallet is installed on your computer and to prevent theft, you can only access your wallet on the same computer.
  3. Mobile Bitcoin wallet – This is the most convenient type of wallet because you can download the wallet from your phone. Now, you can use your wallet anytime and anywhere you want to. You no longer need a computer just to transact.

Factors to consider in choosing a Bitcoin wallet

There are a lot of reasons that made you decide to use Bitcoin. It can be because of online games or its perks, but now that you are ready to use Bitcoin, you should also be cautious in choosing your wallet because this will be your key in using bitcoins.


One factor that you should consider are the wallet perks. You should know the advantages of that wallet compared to others and see if it will be useful for you. There are wallets that promise you faster and clear transactions. There will also be wallets that allow multiple currencies and multiple shared accounts.


Bitcoin wallets provide you with world-class security features just to keep your account safe. Obviously, no one will use a product that is not safe. As for Bitcoin wallets, you have to choose the best security feature that will make you feel at ease that your coins are safe.


There is no such thing as a perfect wallet, that is why you also have to know the disadvantages. You should be aware of the downsides of each product. But this is rare because wallets make sure to improve to give clients what they deserve.