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Bitcoin Poker Affiliates

Earn more by being an affiliate of Bitcoin poker sites!

Bitcoin poker is in demand so why not grab the chance to be one of the Bitcoin poker affiliates? By simply promoting a Bitcoin-powered Poker room in your website or add-space, you will have a good opportunity to earn more bitcoins. Nothing is at stake unlike when you play poker with Bitcoin, you just need some efforts and let your visitors bring profits right straight to your Bitcoin wallet.

How to be a Bitcoin poker affiliate:

1.)    To get started, you must look for a Bitcoin poker site that provides an excellent affiliate program. To know if the brand is offering a good deal to its affiliates, you must look for specific details like profits percentage, payment periods, and other terms and conditions.

2.)    If you have finally chosen a Bitcoin poker affiliate partner, you can definitely get in touch with them and know the details on how to register and be one of their affiliates. Follow the steps that will be given until you successfully finish the process and become an official affiliate.

3.)    You will be provided banners and/or links that you have to post in your ad-space or website.

4.)    Depending on the condition, if a visitor clicks the link or sign up with your affiliate partner, profits are for you automatically.

5.)    Payments will be given based on the percentage and period agreed upon.

Aside from the fact that the process of becoming an affiliate to Bitcoin poker sites is fast and simple, there are various advantages for Bitcoin poker affiliates to get the most of:

–          Internet is available anytime and anywhere; therefore, your advertisement can be seen anywhere 24/7 which will give you limitless chances of earning.

–          Bitcoin poker is one of the most popular Bitcoin games and everybody loves it. You can never go wrong with vast audiences you can cater to get into the brand you are promoting.

–          Payments are fast and easy since bitcoins are used.

–          You don’t have to spend any as all you need is a website and/or ad-space.

Better hurry and grab this too good to miss opportunity of becoming one of the Bitcoin poker affiliates! Everything is plain and simple at the same time advantageous and rewarding.