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Hi all,

My name is Rudy, I’m operating

First the NO’s

  • I’m not a poker expert, but learning my way
  • I’m not in the Bitcoin scene for years, actually less than a year only
  • I don’t consider myself as a pro webmaster or coder

Now the YES’s

  • I do love poker and play some both online and offline. I know for sure I have lots more to learn.
  • I love bitcoin and try to use bitcoins as much as I can
  • I know some coding and design, I’m also writing the content as for now and trying to be as much informative as possible.

I have bought myself into this project because I want to contribute to the Bitcoin poker community as much as I want to learn and educate myself.

The current status of the website is very basic (as for Sep 2016) and the main goal is to list down the important information about the Bitcoin poker world in one place.

This is why I’m open to everything you have to offer, In case you want to add some information, comment on anything, report a bug or just suggest idea’s – I will be more than happy to talk, Just don’t spam me plz.

As for advertising and Affiliate links, that’s up to the Agency I’m working with – CoinPoint.

I hope will become the best source in the market and I will find some good partners to share success with.