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Bitcoin Poker Rakeback

Introduced in the early 2000s, rakebacks became one of the primary elements that make online poker betting one of the most sought-after gambling activities on the web. Not only does it make the overall gaming experience feel more rewarding, but it also serves as a tool to cut the losses and increase profit gains. That is why when you are indulging in the industry of poker betting online, it is best that you know how to make the most of it.

In order to fully understand what a Bitcoin poker rakeback is, it would be better to first have a closer view on what a rake is. Simply put, rake is the certain amount or value of the total pot that goes to the poker site. In short, it serves as the poker room’s revenue or profit.

With this, the rakeback, based on the concept of rake, is giving a portion of the rake back to the online players. Therefore, a rakeback functions as a reward or an incentive that has the sole purpose of encouraging and enticing players to keep wagering on the site’s poker game variants.

Bitcoin Poker Rakeback

For example, the Bitcoin poker room you chose to play in takes 5% of the revenue from the table’s pot. The 5% here is the rake, which will go to the operator of the poker room. With the concept of rakeback, you as a player will receive a percentage of the 5% that now belongs to the poker room. In the event that the rakeback is 30%, then you will be earning 30% of the 5% of the pot.

Let’s say the pot amounts to 100 mBTC. The rake will be 5 mBTC. Now, your rakeback is equivalent to the 30% of 5 mBTC, which would be 1.5 mBTC.

A Bitcoin poker rakeback can be acquired by simply joining a Bitcoin poker room that offers it. However, the amount of incentives you will receive depends on the method used by the site to calculate the rake. Regardless, expect a rakeback that has the equal amount with other players or one that is based on the rake you have contributed over time.

From our example above, 1.5 mBTC or 0.0015 BTC isn’t exactly enticing at all. But once you play for longer periods, expect your rakeback to add up to a larger sum. This is where the rakeback becomes attractive since you end up with a few more coins from playing in more tables.

Although this is mostly discontinued already by some online casinos, the Bitcoin poker industry, however, remains proactive in offering rakebacks. As a result, many more bettors are getting hooked to play poker with Bitcoin.

It is clear, then, that rakebacks benefit online poker business operators; however, they also become advantageous to players, who wish to stay in command of their bankroll amid the losses and the wins they incur.

After all, a Bitcoin poker rakeback helps in maintaining the bankroll at a decent level even if you, for instance, have succumbed to a losing streak. The reason behind this is that it is excellent at boosting the bankroll when you play more and win consecutively.  Thus, playing on a poker site that offers attractive rakebacks will certainly be a plus if you give paramount importance on keeping your losses on a low note.

By now, you should already have a fairly good amount of understanding about the Bitcoin poker rakeback offered in most online poker betting sites. Check out your favorite poker site and see if you can receive this much-appreciated incentive!