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Bitcoin Poker Players Find New Venue On TonyBet

Bitcoin Poker Players Find New Venue On TonyBet

TonyBet, the online gaming site owned by prominent poker player Tony G, has been going through a lot of changes in the past 12 months. This is mostly to become a bigger force in the online gambling market. One of its latest changes is to introduce Bitcoin payments. This is a boon for fans of Bitcoin poker everywhere, since TonyBet operates one of the bigger online poker rooms operating in Eastern Europe.

Continued expansion

The company has partnered with SpectroCoin, a Bitcoin wallet company based out of Lithuania. This partnership allows players to deposit and withdraw money using Bitcoin. For those unfamiliar with it, Bitcoin is a digital currency launched in 2009 which has taken the world by storm. Right now, 1 BTC is equal to around $600. It has had a checkered history, though, with prices reaching more than $1,000 and some high-profile hacking incidents. Bitcoin uses the blockchain protocol to remain decentralized and outside of government control. This has led to some mistrust with those who use it.

Recently, Bitcoin has become more accepted. This is especially so with the online gambling community. Tony G recently made a speech to an EU conference on digital currency that emphasizes his support for Bitcoin. This is why TonyBet has implemented using Bitcoin as a means of transaction with SpectroCoin’s expert help. TonyBet implements this by immediately converting bitcoins into fiat currencies for immediate use in the various betting options on the site like its poker room or live casino.

Visible advantages

With TonyBet’s Bitcoin shift, the site has seen an increase in new customers. Most of them come from Asia, where Bitcoin is particularly popular. TonyBet representative Warren Lush observes that the Bitcoin change has allowed Asian customers to find a reliable way to make deposits and withdrawals.

Most foreign customers, especially those outside of Europe, often find doing transactions with TonyBet difficult in the past because they faced problems with payment processing like delays and being blocked. Bitcoin payments make it easy, especially in Bitcoin poker. Lush also pointed out further advantages.

First, Bitcoin can also speculate on its future price and earn extra cash. Next, the fast and easy deposit and withdrawal process ensures players are always satisfied. This satisfaction translates to people coming back for more of what TonyBet offers, especially on TonyBet Poker.

It seems that TonyBet’s gamble on allowing Bitcoin is a success. Hopefully, other online gaming sites would follow its example in the future. With Bitcoin already on board, more players are expected to experience playing online poker with Bitcoin in the weeks to come.