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Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

What makes a mobile Bitcoin wallet stand out?

Once you are decided to use Bitcoin, you will be required to make a wallet. Bitcoin wallets are important in using bitcoins because this is where your private key and public address are located. Without these, you will not be able to make a transaction. Creating a wallet will just take seconds, but choosing the right wallet can be difficult. If this is your first time to encounter this, the most recommended type of wallet is the mobile Bitcoin wallet. Find out the different benefits of a mobile Bitcoin wallet and the popular wallets that you can use.

Benefits of a mobile Bitcoin wallet

  1. Use anywhere using smartphones/tablets

Since the wallet is already on your phone, you can now send coins as easily as sending a message. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want to; unlike other wallets that require you to use a computer, you can transact through your phone.

Furthermore, you can now buy goods in local stores with a mobile Bitcoin wallet. This is possible because the wallet has a QR code. With a simple swipe, you can have all the products that you want.

  1. Transfer bitcoins in Bitcoin ATMs

The QR code’s purpose is not only limited to letting you purchase goods, but you can also use this to deposit bitcoins, buy bitcoins, and withdraw fiat currency. You just need to swipe the code and you now do all these services. Compared to other wallets, only a mobile Bitcoin wallet can give you this benefit.

How mobile wallets help casino players

  • Transfer funds from wallet to casino easily

To register to a casino, you need a Bitcoin wallet.  If you use a mobile wallet, you can directly send your funds from your wallet. This will help you save more time to play more Bitcoin poker and other online games.

  • Get wins straight to wallet after withdrawals

After you registered to Bitcoin poker sites and tried playing games, you have a high possibility of winning thousands of coins from the base game or even from a Bitcoin poker bonus. With its benefits, you can directly move your wins to your mobile Bitcoin wallet.

4 Reliable mobile wallets for online players

  • Mycelium

This mobile Bitcoin wallet can be integrated to hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger. This means you have an option to change your account to a cold wallet. Other than that, the wallet also provides you transaction histories and allows you to trade with other merchants.

  • Breadwallet

One of the best features of this mobile Bitcoin wallet is its simple payment verification feature that directly connects you to the Bitcoin blockchain. This feature helps Breadwallet to stand out since mobile wallets cannot fully download the entire blockchain. Also, it is open for fiat handling and other paid services.

  • Copay

This multi-signature wallet allows you to separate your personal and business transactions. Also, you can integrate this wallet with the Bitpay and Ledger. Even if the wallet is under a centralized service, the wallet still lets you be in control of your funds.

  • Airbitz

What clients love about Airbitz is its multi-device synchronization feature. This feature allows you to connect your wallet to another device or plugin. The wallet also has a GPS feature that tells you the location of the nearby merchants.

Steps to create a mobile wallet

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download your chosen mobile Bitcoin wallet

Check if the wallet is available in Android or iOS then download and wait for it to install.

  1. Create an account and secure your mobile Bitcoin wallet with a PIN or password

Make sure that you remember your PIN or password. Some wallets have backups, make sure that you have the copy of the backup numbers.

  1. Wait for the verification

There are wallets that require you with personal information to make sure that you are a trustworthy user. Once your identity is verified, you can now use your wallet.

How secure are bitcoin wallets on mobile?

Mobile wallets are not only beneficial because of its convenience, but you can also expect various security features that will keep your funds safe. There are mobile wallets that are hierarchical deterministic, has two-factor authentication feature while there are those that can act as “watch only” accounts.

Now that you can bring and access your wallet literally anywhere you are, you can be at ease that no one will be able to hack your account and steal your coins.