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Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

A good amount of Bitcoin poker tournaments happen throughout many Best Bitcoin poker room sites. These events have various tables that use different rules and prize pools.

With so many Bitcoin poker rooms out in the wild, there many Bitcoin poker tournaments you can easily join. Almost all of these events are open to everyone because of the different buy-in range of the games.

Reason to join a Bitcoin poker tournament

Poker is one of the casino gambling games that require a bit of back learning. In most cases, you only need to learn how strong each poker hands you can make in the game. A poker hand is what you get from forming the cards on your hand or the cards on both your hands and on the table.

In Bitcoin poker tournaments, beginners think that the player with the strongest hand wins the round. However, it is still possible to win a game even with the weakest hand. Some players will bet a large amount of money with a weak hand. This allows them to create the illusion that a player has a very good hand which can trick a person enough to give up the round by folding his hand.

It is this reason why people are lining up to join many Bitcoin poker tournaments. Unlike video poker games that rely on the luck of the draw in order to get a strong hand to win the game, players have other ways to win a round. You can get other people to give up their hand to win a round. Another strategy is to bait a player to put down a large bet when you have a powerful hand. The skills that you use to win in Bitcoin poker tournaments make your victory more satisfying.

Tournament info

During most Bitcoin poker tournaments, there are a series of games that will run throughout the day. Many of these have various costs to join the game. The costs are the buy-in and entry fee. There are even Bitcoin poker freerolls which does not cost anything to join.

The games in these Bitcoin poker tournaments have various rules. The most common rule is the Texas Hold’em poker rule. Another table might make use of the Omaha poker rule. There are some Bitcoin poker sites games that provide some interesting twist to the rules. One of which is the KO rule where you get a special chip for every player you eliminate from the game. These special chips can be traded for real money.

  • World Series of Poker – The World Series of Poker is one of the major poker tournaments that have been running for more than 40 years. The WSOP bracelet is one of the most coveted achievements in the poker community.
  • Asian Poker Tour – Asian Poker Tour holds tournaments in the Asia-Pacific region, welcoming pro poker players to win huge pots since 2008.
  • World Poker Tour – World Poker Tour airs the series of poker tournaments on TV in the US and in other selected countries where top players outsmart one another to win the prizes at stake.
  • Crown Australian Poker Championship – The Aussie Millions is a hit for both Australian and international poker players. With a combined prize pool of more than $25 million AUD, this tournament gained worldwide recognition.
  • Latin American Poker Tour – The LAPT is a PokerStars sponsored tournament that began in May 2008. The event allows people to use Frequent Player Points instead of money to enter the tournament.
  • European Poker Tour – The European Poker Tour launched during the popularity boom of Texas Hold’em in 2004. EPT is owned and run by PokerStars.
  • Irish Poker Open – the second longest running poker tournament is the Irish Poker Open right after the WSOP. This event is the largest Texas Hold’em poker event in Europe.
  • Asia Pacific Poker Tour – The Asia Pacific Poker Tour is PokerStars major poker event in Asia. This event was the first to bring a major poker tournament in Korea and China.
  • World Championship of Online Poker – The World Championship of Online Poker is one of the largest online poker events from PokerStars. Top winners of the event take home a 14 karat gold bracelet.
  • UK and Ireland Poker Tour – As the name suggests, this is one of the major poker events in the UK and Ireland. PokerStars sponsors this event.
  • Grosvenor UK Poker Tour – This is a regional poker event that runs across the UK. The Grosvenor Casinos chain runs the event.
  • Genting Poker Series – Genting Poker Series is one of UK’s major poker events. The Genting Casino chain is running the event.
  • World Cup of Poker – This is an international event where players from different countries will compete for the World Champion title. Every game uses the Texas Hold’em Multi Table No Limit rule.
  • Amateur Poker Association & Tour – This is a poker tournament owned by an association that looks to boosting the poker gaming scene. The tour is held across the UK and other EU areas.
  • Battle of Malta – This tournament is usually held at the Portomaso Casino in Malta. The games use the No-Limit Hold’em poker tour.