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World Poker Tour

World Poker TourWorld Poker Tour is a popular poker event broadcasted on TV in the US and in various countries. The biggest draw for this tour is the chance to play against the top players in the world, making it one of the highly regarded real-money and Bitcoin poker tournaments.

Even if you could not make it to any of the casinos for any of the World Poker Tour events, there is the ClubWPT that lets you play poker with Bitcoin indirectly. Every month, winners of these games can get more than $100,000 worth of money and physical prizes.

World Poker Tour events

  • WPT Choctaw 2017 – The tournament will be at the Choctaw Casino & Resort. The prize pool is set at a guaranteed $2 million.
  • WPT Legends of Poker 2017 – The Legends tour of 2017 is back at the Bicycle Hotel & Casino. The tour runs for almost a month from July 28 to Aug. 31.
  • WPT Borgata Poker Open 2017 – This tour will be at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. The prize pool for the event is $3 million GTD.
  • WPT Maryland 2017 – The Maryland tour will run from Sep. 30 to Oct. 4. This event’s prize pool is $2 million GTD.
  • WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble 2017 –WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble 2017 will take place in Jacksonville. The tour’s prize pool is set at $1,762,350.
  • WPT Montreal 2017 –WPT is going to Canada from Nov. 10 to 16. The buy-in is at C$3,500 + C$350 for a total of C$3,850.
  • WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic 2017 –WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic 2017 is coming back to the Bellagio Resort & Casino. The tour will run from Dec. 5 to 10.
  • WPT Berlin 2018 – The Berlin tour will be at the Casino Spielbank. The poker tour will run from Jan. 12 to 15.

History of World Poker Tour

After 2003, many people who have never been to Vegas or in any casino are familiar with poker. In fact, these people know how to play a game of Texas hold’em even though they never sat down in a casino’s poker table. This is thanks to the World Poker Tour TV Show and how it contributed to the boom of the poker industry across the US.

The World Poker Tour show is a live broadcast of the games occurring during the tournament. Throughout the show, seasoned poker players will talk about the game and what the player’s strategies are. This helped in introducing the game to people who are not familiar with hold’em.

During this time, reality TV shows such as Survivor was at its peak of popularity. Many are also taking a liking at a non-contact sports alternative. World Poker Tour offers the best of both reality show and alt sport. This is one of the few shows where poker rookies have a chance to play and win against the pro.

ClubWPT background

ClubWPT is where real-money and Bitcoin poker action take place online. You can play World Poker Tour on your desktop computer or a mobile device. Each month, there is a guaranteed cash prize of $10,000 up for grabs in all of its games. You can even win physical prizes, such as sports gear or jewelry.

The best prize that the online Bitcoin poker room has to offer is the chance to be on TV. ClubWPT offers qualifier games for the King of the Club prize. Winners of these games will get a chance to play the finals match in one of the many prestigious casinos across the country.  Apart from getting a large prize pot, you get to meet with the hosts of the show and top poker players.