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Asian Poker Tour

Asian Poker Tour Asian Poker Tour brings together the top poker players to compete in exotic locales in the Asia-Pacific region. There is a massive cash prize that is up for grabs and it proves to be more or just as exciting in playing in Bitcoin poker tournaments.

This tour has grown to a massive event ever since its start back in 2008. It continues to give exciting events with different buy-ins and guaranteed prize pots that even Bitcoin poker enthusiasts will love.

Asian Poker Tour events

  • APT Korea Incheon 2017 – This is one of South Korea’s largest poker tournaments. The tour takes place in Paradise City Incheon.
  • APT Philippines II 2017 – The APT tour offers a series of Sit N Goes game from July 19 to July 27. The event takes place at the Winford Hotel & Casino.
  • APT Noumea 2017 – The tour is a 10-day tournament event which will take place on October 20 to 29. The games will be at the Casino de Noumea in New Caledonia.
  • APT Finale Championships Macau 2017 – The Finale event in Macau will be the biggest tour of the APT. The tour will be held from Nov. 28 to Dec. 9 at the Macau Billionaire Babylon Casino.

History of Asian Poker Tour

The very first Asian Poker Tour was in November 2006 in Singapore. During this time, the tour was under the Capital Events Pte. The winner of the first tour was Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga.  Tony G will later take the top ranking place in the Moscow Millions’ main event in 2007.

In 2008, the AsianLogic group acquired the Asian Poker Tour.  AsianLogic is looking to set the tour as the premier poker tournament held in the region. During this year, the tour was held in both the Philippines and Macau. Macau is a sensible venue since this place is the Las Vegas of China for many people.

Manila is another great place to hold the Asian Poker Tour. People in most countries can visit the city without a visa for 21 days as long as you have your return tickets. What is more, the locals are usually friendly to tourists and have English as their secondary language.

About $1 million guaranteed prize pool was set on the first tour in Manila while Macau offered $1.5 million. The first winner of the tour in Manila was David Saab, while Yevgenly Timoshenko is the winner in the Macau main event. In the following year, he took the World Poker Tour Championship title. The Asian Poker Tour continues to provide many exciting tournaments in both Macau and the Philippines.

More about Asian Poker Tour

During the tour, there are many live and online games available—much like when you are playing in a Bitcoin poker tournament. Most of the games played here are classic Texas hold’em. There are some tables which have variant games such as Omaha.

Many of the poker games offer money prizes, some of which may be equivalent to the prizes up for grabs in online poker Bitcoin events. The one to look out for is the online qualifiers for the main event. The buy-in and fees for qualifiers are affordable and not as high as the high stakes table. Winning the qualifiers will earn you a free seat to the main event held on any of the casinos where the tour takes place in. You might also get the chance to take home the title and a lion share of the massive prize pool.