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European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour took its inspiration from the World Poker Tour. The tour is the creation of John Duthie who was a winner of the Poker Million tournament.

Even if the last European Poker tour was finished recently, you still have a chance to catch the action of its next incarnation. You can even get a free trip to future tours by joining and winning any satellite tournaments like the ones you see in Bitcoin poker sites. Certain satellite Bitcoin poker tournaments have a tour package at stake that will cover your travel, hotel, and main event entry at the tour.

Tour history

The European Poker Tour started in 2004 by John Duthie. During this time, Texas Hold’em was at the height of its popularity. TVs across the world were showing poker games where pros are playing at high stakes.

In the first three seasons of the tour, the buy-ins were half of that of the WPT. The WPT buy-ins were around $2,500 to $25,000. This buy-in can also influence the prize pool of the tour. When the fourth season came, the buy-ins for the most of the European Poker Tour events rose to €8,000. This is nearly the same price as the WPT buy-ins during this time.

The Tour lasted for 13 seasons. Its last tournament was held in Prague on December 2016. The winner of the main event was Jasper Meijer van Putten. He won the final round with a King and Jack club against Marton Czuczur’s pair of 2s. Jasper walked home with €699,000 that day.

With PokerStars buying the European Poker Tour, the tour will continue under a different name. Under a new management, the next tour will have new things added to its events. It will also reach out to new locations.

Satellite tournaments

The European Poker Tour lives on under a new brand. You can be part of the action by qualifying in a satellite tournament offered by the same company that rebranded the tour. These tournaments are the same ones as you might see in other online poker Bitcoin sites.

Satellite tournaments for the new poker tour will have different steps. Its format will be similar to that of Bitcoin poker games where steps with cheap buy-ins have a free entry fee to the succeeding step of the tournament. This includes a free entry to the main event or step which has a tour package prize.

The package has everything you need to enjoy the tour. This includes coverage on your travel fare, accommodations, and much more. The most important part of the package is a buy-in to the main event of the tour which can give you a chance at taking home a life-changing prize pot amount.