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Aussie Millions

Aussie MillionsThe Aussie Millions or Crown Australian Poker Championship is one of the country’s major poker events. This is one of the few main events that have a prize pool of more than A$7 million in the Southern Hemisphere. Its Online Bitcoin poker tournaments have different buy-ins and prize pools.

Aussie Millions has a rich history ever since the first tournament in 1998. Since then, its main event prize pool grew to a staggering amount and there have been many new games added to the event.


When the Crown Casino brought its first poker table in June 1997, the roots for the Aussie Millions was in place. In the following year, the casino hosted its first major championship event. The first main event had a buy in of $1000 with a Limit Hold’Em rules. 74 people joined the event for a prize pool of $74,000. The winner of the first event took home $25,900.

In the three following years, the buy-in stayed at around one thousand dollars. 2002 went for a higher buy-in of $5000. The large buy-in resulted in the first prize of $150,000 during the main event.

In 2003, The Aussie Million drew in players from around the world. This is also the first time that the prize pool went beyond a million dollars. First place winning took home nearly four hundred thousand dollars.

The stakes went higher in 2006 when the prize pool broke past the $4 million mark. What’s more, many of the players in this Aussie Millions are WSOP pros such as Joe Hachem. First place winner of this year’s main event took home more than $1.2 million.

Over the years, the prize pools keep on growing. In 2008, the prize pool was $7.8 million since 780 players joined the event with a buy-in of $10,500. About 80 of the top players of the event will still take home $15,000 which is more than what they spent to join the event.

Aussie Millions online satellite

You have a chance to join many of Aussie Millions satellite tournaments in many Bitcoin poker sites. Much like the event, there are various games available through these satellite games. Look up any website that lets you play Bitcoin poker to see if they offer these tournaments.

Even if you are not in Australia, there are some online matches that give you both a free sit to the main event and a trip package to get you to the Crown Casino. These packages are prizes in many online matches. You can find these matches in most of the best Bitcoin poker websites.

  • 2018 Aussie Millions – The Aussie Millions will start the New Year with a bang with its Poker Championship event. The event takes place on January 17 to February 5, 2018.