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How to Play with Bitcoins

If you enjoy playing poker online, then it’s about time you learn how to play with bitcoins. Bitcoin makes all poker games even more likeable, so expect non-stop playing once you start playing Bitcoin poker.

How to Play with Bitcoins

But before you begin to showcase your skills in Bitcoin poker, it’s best that you first know what is Bitcoin. Bitcoin, which is a peer-to-peer digital currency, is fast becoming a favorite in the online gambling market. However, this shouldn’t just be about knowing Bitcoin. You also need to know how to play with bitcoins.

Play poker with bitcoins

There are many reasons you should play poker using bitcoins. For one, Bitcoin poker casinos promote player anonymity, which means you don’t have to give all your personal info just to play poker. They also have Bitcoin poker free roll offers that are sure to make games more exciting.

Before anything, however, make sure that you have enough bitcoins to begin with. If not, better hurry and buy some in your trusted Bitcoin trading market. After making sure that your wallet has enough bitcoins, you can now proceed to these easy steps on how to play with bitcoins.

Steps on how to play with bitcoins

1)    First thing you have to do is to download and install the free software of the poker room you want to play at. After this, make an account by providing the required details that are mostly limited to your username, password, and email address.

2)    Once the site verifies your account, you can definitely proceed to the next step, which is making a deposit. To fund your account with bitcoins, you have two options: send the amount to the wallet address given or just scan the QR code shown.

3)    After sending your deposit, you have to wait for a confirmation after which your account will receive the bitcoins you transferred.

4)    If you have successfully funded your account, you can now proceed to the ‘Lobby’ and choose the Poker variant you want to play or the Bitcoin poker tournament you want to join.

5)    The rules and ‘how tos’ of the games are just the same with the typical ones; hence, you will never have a hard time getting yourself acquainted in the ‘table’ you are in. If there is one thing you have to familiarize yourself with, it is the buttons since these will be your main commands throughout the game.

6)    You can withdraw you winnings based on the poker room’s terms and conditions. Just like the deposit, the process of getting your earnings is fast and easy.

To get the most of your Bitcoin poker game, it is important that you know how to play with bitcoins. The steps are plain and simple that you will sure reach that ultimate and rewarding experience in no time.