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How to Buy

Since Bitcoin mining is as hard as mining for gold, the easiest and best option to get bitcoins is to purchase them. But what is Bitcoin really anyway? Don’t fret if you are new to this process. Everything is plain and simple since all you have to do is follow five steps on how to buy bitcoins. No sooner, you will enjoy your favorite Bitcoin poker games in a jiffy because you’ll have bitcoins to play with.

How to Buy Bitcoins

Before you buy bitcoins

Before you learn how to buy bitcoins, you must first secure a Bitcoin wallet. This is a program that you can use to store your bitcoins and make transactions. Blockchain is the most popular site for this since it provides free wallet service. All you have to do is sign up with your username, password, and email address. After getting this done, for only few minutes, your Bitcoin wallet address will be generated.

Once you have your wallet address, hurry to Bitcoin trading markets. Since there are numerous trading platforms, better be keen on choosing an efficient and reputable market. For worldwide users, the most popular is Mt. Gox being the largest Bitcoin exchange as it holds the majority of Bitcoin transactions all over the world. On the other hand, the most sought trading market for U.S. players are Coinbase.  These platforms are accessible 24/7 so you can buy anytime and anywhere you want. You now need to know how to buy bitcoins so you can play poker.

Steps on how to buy bitcoins

1)    When you are in the trading market of your preference, first thing you have to do is open account. There will be a registration form that will require some details that you have to fill in with valid and correct information.

2)    After successfully creating an account, go to the ‘buy/sell’ page of the site and look for a good trade. If you have found one, enter the amount you wish to purchase. It is a must to take note that its price depends upon the current exchange rate and varies every time.

3)    If you have set everything, you can definitely send the payment to the exchanges’ bank account.

4)    You have to wait for three to five days for the transaction to be done.

5)    Once the transaction is completely accomplished, your bitcoins will be credited to your account and you can sure transfer them to your personal wallet address to start using them.

Learning how to buy bitcoins is definitely fast and easy. Follow these five simple steps and you will sure have a taste of the astonishing advantages brought by these digital coins in no time.