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After it was launched in 2011, Electrum is one of most used software Bitcoin wallet. It became popular because it is user-friendly and easy to use. Also, the wallet has incredible advantages that other wallets do not have. If you think this is the wallet for you, just simply download and enjoy its benefits.

Electrum features

Multi-signature wallet

For users who wish to have a shared account, you should use Electrum. Through the years, it has given its clients satisfaction and even convince more users to try a multi-sig wallet. Let’s say that you are into Bitcoin poker and other online games, and you wish to create a shared account with your fellow gamers, this wallet is suitable for the job.

Third party plug-ins

This feature allows you to access your account in different computers. With this, you can easily use your wallet anywhere as long as you have a computer or laptop. The account will automatically sync with your computer. If you use this wallet, you can now register at any Bitcoin poker site and play Bitcoin poker anytime you want to.

Watch only wallet

Software wallets are known to keep your account online. This bothered most users because it is prone to hacking and online theft. But with this wallet, you have the option to keep your keys offline to make sure that no one can easily access your account.

Tight Security

Just like the rest of the Bitcoin wallets, this software wallet ensures you that your keys are safe. This wallet has a password and secret phrase feature. These features will ensure you that no hacker or suspicious server can access your account.

Electrum through the years

Electrum started as a simple wallet in 2011 that aims to provide clients a wallet that can protect their keys. Through the years, the wallet started to improve with its new and better features, attracting more and more clients.

Through this wallet, you can now check your transactions using the SPV. You can monitor all your history and be alarmed on your purchases. Also, you can export your keys to another account. Now, you can use your keys from another account.

But despite its popularity, this wallet will continue to work hard to give better features for its clients. As long as there are users who are into cryptocurrencies, Electrum and other software Bitcoin wallets will continue to serve and give convenience to users.