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Coinbase Wallet

Once you start using cryptocurrencies, it is impossible that you do not hear about Coinbase. If you are looking for a wallet, you will encounter Coinbase, the same when you are searching for a debit card or a vault. This is because Coinbase is the leading company that provides clients a software Bitcoin wallet, vault, debit card, and exchange. Out of all the products that Coinbase has, the Coinbase wallet is popular among users because of its special features and good reputation. Find out why you should start using this wallet.

Why is Coinbase wallet popular?

Instant exchange feature

Most clients prefer to use the Coinbase wallet because of this feature. You can now send and receive bitcoins easily. Also, this feature does not require you to pay fees; that is why you can transact as much as you want to.

Mobile wallet

To bring you more convenience, you can now use your wallet on your mobile phone. Through this feature, you can access your account any time you want to. Transactions can be done with a simple click of a button. For example, you are a Bitcoin dice player and you need more coins for you to play a Bitcoin dice game. With this feature, you can easily transfer funds and continue playing Bitcoin dice faucet.


The number of cryptocurrency users is growing day by day that is why the Coinbase wallet was created to be simple and easy to use. This is to attract more users and make sure that anyone can use it. You can easily navigate the site and will have no troubles in sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase wallet’s advantage

Apart from its features, clients prefer to use the Coinbase wallet because Coinbase also offers a vault and an exchange. If you need a different storage for your funds, you can easily apply for the vault. Furthermore, you can also sell, buy, convert, and trade cryptocurrencies through GDAX. If you think that is all, Coinbase also offers you a shift card. It is a debit card that allows you to purchase products online and in-stores. You can also use this card for your transactions.

Therefore, Coinbase did a great job in providing its clients with different relevant products. Now, clients will just have to go to Coinbase and have all the items that they need. You will no longer have to search for another company because Coinbase has everything that you need.