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Why should you use BitGo?

The first HD multi-signature wallet is BitGo. It is a software Bitcoin wallet that was launched in 2013. Through the years, the wallet was able to create features that other wallets do not have, such as the first multi-user wallet, first wallet with spending control policy, and more. As the wallet that aims to be the first in everything,  BitGo is a wallet that you will certainly appreciate.

However, the wallet is not only limited to businessmen and regular users, but online gamers, such as Bitcoin poker players can also enjoy its features. This wallet is the most recommended if you plan to join a Bitcoin poker tournament or any games that you can find on Bitcoin poker sites. Find out what this wallet can offer you.

5 Features of BitGo

The creators of this wallet wanted to create a wallet that stands out. A wallet that will not have the same problems like others, a wallet that you will certainly love; that is why you can expect that its features will be different as well.

  1. BitGo Instant

With this feature, you can expect faster transactions compared to other wallets. Now, you can expect that once you make a transaction, the receiver will immediately get it. As of this writing, an instant transaction cost 1 BTC.

  1. Track audit logs

Audit logs are important for you to monitor the destination and source addresses of your transaction. This is beneficial for you because with this feature, you can be sure that the coins are sent to the right account.

  1. B2B and B2C applications

This feature is beneficial especially those who are into business or those who are planning to join the business sector.

  1. Confirmation alerts

Apart from the wallet tracking your transactions, you will also receive alerts for you to confirm a transaction. This way you will be easily notified about the status of your transaction.

  1. Tight security

To keep your account protected, the wallet has two-factor authentication feature and anti-phising protection feature. This way, you can be at ease that no one can access your account when you are away.

Reasons why you should use BitGo wallet

Double spending

With the features of this wallet, you can be sure that you will not experience double spending. This is because other than your confirmation, the wallet itself will co-sign the transaction. This is to formally approve the transaction and keep it secured. Do not worry because even if the wallet co-signs your transactions, the wallet has no power to access your account or change the details. You are still in full control of your funds.

Sophisticated design

Compared to other wallets, you can be sure that in terms of design and development, BitGo is the best. It has a sophisticated design that you will love.


With the wallet’s API platform, expect that you will experience quick, easy, and safe transactions. You will not have to worry about technical difficulties or other issues.

Constant upgrades

Even if the wallet can easily catch your attention with its achievements and features, it is still upgrading each year. You can expect more features in the near future. What are you waiting for? Go to its website and download this software wallet.