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Software Bitcoin Wallet

With Bitcoin poker’s popularity in the business, there is more Bitcoin poker sites created. But before you can join a Bitcoin poker tournament, you must have a Bitcoin wallet first. This is where your private key and public address are stored for you to use cryptocurrencies. One of the Bitcoin wallets that users recommend is a software Bitcoin wallet. Find out what kind of wallet it is and its benefits.

Why a software Bitcoin wallet?

With the competition among Bitcoin wallets, the companies that supplies software wallets make sure that it offers features that others do not have.

Security Features

Software Bitcoin wallet is downloaded to your computer. It also keeps your account online at all times. Now, you might be thinking, this wallet is prone to hacking and physical theft. Do not worry because the different software wallets have their own security measures that can protect your wallet. There will be passcode supports, pins, and backup.

Larger Memory

Compared to other wallets, a software Bitcoin wallet has a bigger memory that can process more data. With its memory, you can download the entire blockchain where you can monitor your transactions unlike a mobile wallet that can only download a specific part of the blockchain needed for the transaction.

Open Source

Software wallets have this feature for users to be able to contribute and help improve the wallet. Developers can add more security measures to tighten the security. Additional features that users believe is needed can also be added.

How to find the best software Bitcoin wallet

There are a lot of popular software wallets, such as Electrum, Coinbase, Xapo,, and more. But how will know the right one for you?


The purpose of a software wallet apart from storing your keys is to make sure that you enjoy using cryptocurrencies. The best way to do that is to make sure that it brings convenience to you. No user would want a wallet that only brings hassle and issues.


There are different ways to attract a client and one of these is through the wallet features. The wallet must give you all the benefits that you can have. Moreover, the wallet must provide you with all your needs.

Finding the best wallet might take time and money. There might be good features, but also expect to experience problems. That is why most users research about the product first before they download the specific software Bitcoin wallet.