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One of the popular mobile Bitcoin wallets out there is Mycelium. This wallet continuously improves to attract more clients and convince more individuals to use cryptocurrencies. Online gamers are also fond of this wallet because other than its convenience, it makes using cryptocurrencies fun.

Furthermore, this wallet was awarded as the “Best Mobile App” in 2014 because of its features. This mobile wallet is also available in 12 languages.

5 Distinct features of Mycelium

  • Bills payment support in EU or SEPA

After the constant upgrade of Mycelium, users can now pay their bills using the wallet. This feature will save time because users no longer need to go to the official website to pay.

  • Chat app

This is where the wallet makes announcements about the new features. Other than those, users can also communicate with other users if they have inquiries.

  • GPS feature

With the help of this feature, users can now easily find nearby merchants and local stores that accept cryptocurrencies. Now, users and merchants can easily meet up and trade their coins.

  • Japanese Yen and US Dollar compatible

While most wallets can only hold cryptocurrencies, this mobile wallet can even hold fiat currencies. Although it is still limited to Japanese Yen and US Dollars, users can expect more currencies in the near future.

  • Local trader feature

This unique feature allows users to sell, buy, and trade cryptocurrencies under a protected system. Another good advantage of this feature is that it has a fixed fee of 0.2%.

How to use Mycelium wallet

1. Create your wallet

Go to Google Play Store, download the app, and install.

2. Set up your password 

To secure your wallet, you need to set your pin code. The wallet will also provide you with 12 words that will serve as your recovery phrase.

Once the wallet is ready, clients can now enjoy the benefits of the wallet. Even Bitcoin poker gamers can use this wallet if they want to play poker with Bitcoin.

3. Receive and send cryptocurrencies

 Before you can make a transaction, be sure to check your balance first. To send cryptocurrencies, just enter the amount and press send. While, if you wish to receive cryptocurrencies, click the receive button.

Special services of Mycelium

Other than its features, there are also other products created to give additional services for Mycelium clients: gear, swish, card, and entropy.


The gear allows you to accept Bitcoin payments for free. But instead of storing your funds, it directly goes to the wallet. This product also speeds up payroll process.


The swish lets you order and pay in restaurants and bars. You just have to add your menu, choose your payment method and you can enjoy your food. Other than that, you can even assign your staff using the SwishWaiter app.


The card has a user interface and POS terminal that stores coins. This device can be connected to the computer but you can also use it separately.


This product is in a form of a small USB that creates printable paper wallets. This is used by clients who prefer using paper wallets.