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Ledger Nano S

The most common reason why a user will buy a hardware Bitcoin wallet is because it ensures that your account is offline, unless you plug the device to a computer. Among the many hardware wallets available, there is a large number of clients who uses Ledger Nano S. Why is it popular? What are its features? Can you use it to play Bitcoin poker?

Benefits of Ledger Nano S

Malware & Virus Free

Hardware wallets are small devices that require you to connect to a computer before you can use it. This feature eliminates the possibility of the device to be infected from computers. Also, if you are a Bitcoin poker player, you will not be afraid to connect your Ledger Nano S to any computer if you need it.

Tight Security Features

Apart from being virus free, expect that no one can access your wallet easily. It has a passphrase support to reduce the chances of virtual theft. Not only that, the device also has a dual chip that keeps all your information. Another new feature is that the device also supports the FIDO Universal Second Factor authentication. These security features guarantee you that your wallet is safe even if you compete for the Bitcoin poker tournament.

Advanced Screen & Buttons

Ledger Nano S is one of the few hardware wallets that have screens. This was created to let clients know if their transactions are processed already. This feature can also help you monitor your balance. Not only the screen, but the buttons on the device are helpful as well.  These buttons allow you to manually confirm each transaction. The feature assures you that you are the only person using this device.

How to get started with Ledger Nano S

  1. You can buy this device online; just simply go online, create an account, and order your wallet.
  2. Once you received your device, connect it to your computer or phone. As of now, only Android users can directly connect their device to the wallet.
  3. Create a new wallet or use your previous wallet.
  4. Choose your four-digit pin code and wait for the device to configure.
  5. Use your wallet as much as you want to.

With its simplicity, there is no way for you not to like this wallet. Also, as of this writing, Ledger Nano S only costs €58; do not wait for the price to increase and get your wallet today.