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KeepKey is a hardware Bitcoin wallet that was launched in 2015. Just like other hardware wallets, this device is handy and convenient. This is because the device can actually fit in your pocket. You can be assured that your account is safe because it stays offline. To access your account, you need to connect it to a trusted computer.

If you are looking for a trusted wallet that you can use for your Bitcoin poker, then here are some of the reasons why KeepKey is the most suitable wallet for you. Hopefully, it will match all the qualities that you are looking for in a wallet.

Why gamers use KeepKey?

As a gamer, you want a wallet that is less hassle and can give you more time to play. Instead of worrying about your wallet, you want to spend most of your time looking through Bitcoin poker sites, looking for the best online poker Bitcoin out there. With this hardware wallet, you will not have to worry about theft or any technical difficulties because of its advanced features.

Services of KeepKey

The features of this wallet are what made it popular to online gamers. Through the years it has proven to be worth it. But despite these advantages, this wallet continues to improve even up to this date.

Instant Conversion

After a good win, gamers would immediately go to exchanges to trade their cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. With KeepKey’s partnership with Shapeshift, you can now trade your coins to local currencies. You even have an option to trade with other gamers. This will help you save time and assure you that your funds are in good hands.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

With the increasing number of altcoins, gamers have more options to choose from. That is why KeepKey made sure that it is open to almost all cryptocurrencies. The wallet allows Bitcoin, Dash, Namecoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. This means that more clients can use this wallet. Soon, it will open to more altcoins to attract more clients.

Security Features

All the other features will be useless if this wallet does not have a tight security. Gamers would choose a wallet that can effectively store their account. The wallet has a number randomization and pin code to make sure that your account will be safe from physical theft. It is also hierarchical deterministic to ensure you that your account is backed up.