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Poker Rules

In playing poker, those who know the rules full well rule. One of the reasons why it is adored by most players is the fact that this is not a mere game of chance, in order to win, you have to put a bit of skill and psychology in it. There’s nothing to fret about learning Bitcoin poker rules. It is not a difficult lesson, and you don’t need to sacrifice any of your treasured brain cells to play Bitcoin poker.

Game Objective

Of course the first thing you must learn in poker rules is your objective. Yes, going home with more amount than what you came in is a sure nice objective, but you cannot achieve it if you do not know the game objective when you play poker with Bitcoin. The end goal of playing this card game is simple, you will be dealt with 5 cards and you must have the best hand (highest card rank) possible to win.

Card Rank from Highest to Lowest

Royal Flush – It is an unbeatable hand. It is composed of the ace, king, queen, jack and ten of a suit.

Straight Flush – Five cards in sequence of the same suit.

Four of a Kind – Four cards of the same rank together with one side card or called ‘kicker’.

Full House – Three cards of the same rank and another two cards of a different suit, but with matching rank.

Flush – Five cards of the same suit

Straight – Five cards in sequence

Three of a Kind – Three cards of the same rank with two unrelated cards

Two Pair – Two cards of a matching rank and another two cards with different matching rank together with one side card

One Pair – Two cards of one matching rank and three unrelated side cards

High Card – Any hand that does not qualify in any aforementioned hands


What makes Bitcoin poker a game of skill is betting; hence, it is among the important aspects in poker rules. With the cards in your hand, you will wager against other players and keep the interest that you have the best hand. A player may bet if there is not yet a wager on the current betting round. It is called ‘opening of the round’. If you got a poor hand, you can ‘Fold’ which is the act of forfeiting all the interest in the pot. If you fold, you are not required or allowed to wager anymore in your current poker hand, but you cannot win that hand either. On the other hand, you can ‘Call’ to match the bet made by your opponents or Raise to match the current wager and then make a higher one.