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Site Name AceWins
Website URL
Network Ethereum
Founded 2018
US Players Accepted No
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In November 2018, AceWins launched its online cryptocurrency casino along with the ERC-20 Gambling Token (ACW), an Ethereum-backed coin. The casino has since catered to only poker players as poker is the sole game on board. The betting site posted that it is going to launch new games soon. As to when these titles will come out officially, only the AceWins team knows.

As a new iGaming service provider, let alone a poker-centered site, is yet to rack up more players to make the poker games more interactive. With only a few players that go online and with just one game shelved, the poker portal set up a Telegram community where the players could talk with each other and ping anyone who would like to play live poker.

Crowdfunded Casino

Unlike other cryptocurrency betting portals, AceWins is a crowdfunded casino. It got formed out of those who bought themselves ACW during the ERC-20 token’s ICO period. The coins could be used to play poker onsite and even to earn profit through dividends and hodling.

The holders of ACW tokens get to receive dividends coming from the profit pool of the betting site. Around 60% of the revenue generated by the brand goes to the revenue sharing program that pays the members in Ethereum or Bitcoin. Those who bought ACW may even simply just hodl or hold their ACW coins to receive a HODL Rewards bonus up to 21%per month. All these are part of the casino’s effort to retain members and grow its player population.

Deposit and Withdrawal

If you don’t have any ACW tokens, you can still play on by simply depositing BTC. Deposit completion will take six confirmations, though. This should be followed by the purchase of chips in-house from your player fund. It is these chips that you will use to place bets on poker. Note that 1 chip is equal to 0.00008800 BTC.

If you now want to cash in the chips you won, simply choose the Sell Chips for BTC option. When done, you can now withdraw your BTC from the casino manually. The process will take about 24 hours.

Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are held on from time to time. These are games competed in by multiple players. Whoever tops the leaderboard at the end of the tournament gets the highest share of the prize pool which usually starts at US$250 worth of chips.

The tourneys are free to join. They are participated in by 15 to 100 players. In most instances, the contests run for 24 hours.

Overall, AceWins is a promising Bitcoin poker room. It may be young, but its running track record speaks of how well in values the trust of its current members. Although it lacked interactiveness on its website because of its not too big player population, it provides a great playing experience to its live poker players, especially during tourneys wherein prize pools await.