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Latin American Poker Tour

Latin American Poker TourThe Latin American Poker Tour is PokerStars major poker event for the LatAm region. PokerStars is a popular online poker room that also offers satellite Bitcoin poker tournaments.

Ever since 2008, the Latin American Poker Tour has given everyone in the region a chance at winning a massive price pool. This poker event almost shares the same format as another poker tour in Europe and Asia.

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The Latin American Poker Tour is a series of poker games that are happening in one of many cities across South America. The tour is similar to PokerStars Europe and Asian tour. This works out best for everyone though. Instead of a LatAm player hopping on a plane to be part of the main event about half way across the globe, the main event is near his home.

This does not mean that the Latin American Poker Tour is only open to LatAm players. Players from across the globe got to play in the main event and even took home the title. Four of the main event winners come from the USA while two are from Germany.

There are many games happening in the Latin American Poker Tour. Some will have the popular hold’em poker rule while others have the Omaha rule which plays almost the same as hold’em. These tables might also use an interesting rule throughout the game. One example is where four players post the blind bets instead of just two.

The poker tour is a way to reach out to the LatAm poker market which is surprisingly big. In order to bring in foreign players to join the tour, PokerStars set the visit as an exotic vacation to the LatAm region. Players can enjoy an intense game of high stakes poker and soak in the sun at one of many South American beaches.

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PokerStars is a popular online poker room provider that offers the Latin American Poker Tour. The company is also popular for creating live poker tours such as the WSOP. What makes this poker tour great is how you can get a chance at winning a free buy-in to the main event and an all-expense paid trip to the place where this is happening.

Certain Bitcoin poker sites have satellite games that are offering a chance to win a package trip to the main event for a tour. Even if it is not offering a package trip, these Bitcoin poker rooms will offer special tournaments to get in the spirit of the PokerStars sponsored tours. These poker rooms include American Cardroom and usually holds a special event for any kind of poker players.