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Asia Pacific Poker Tour

Asia Pacific Poker Tour

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour is a major poker tournament that runs across countries within the region. This includes South Korea, China, Australia, and the Philippines.

Everyone has a chance at getting a seat at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour main event with the many Bitcoin poker tournament satellite events. These events offer a cheap buy in for a chance at an APPT package that will give you main event spot and much more.

Poker tour background

The first Asia Pacific Poker Tour ran in 2007 across four countries. These are the Philippines, China, Australia, and South Korea. There were only five events during the first year.

As the years go by, The Asia Pacific Poker Tour added more events. The following year, Australia saw two poker tours in the country. The last tour of 2008 ended with an incredible first prize of more than A$600k in Sydney. 2013 saw six events instead of the usual four or five. Two of the events in this year happened in Australia and Macau.

In 2016, there were about 10 Asia Pacific Poker Tour events around the region. The largest first prize in 2016 was in the Melbourne event where Alan Engel took home more than $1.12 million. The second largest prize was the last event of the year in Macau which was more than $727K.

These Asian events are open to poker players around the world. In fact, there were eight winners of the main event from the US. There are even three winners from Canada and England.


Even if you live outside of Asia, you still have a chance at getting a free trip to an Asia Pacific Poker Tour and a free buy-in to the main event. You can get this chance through the many Bitcoin poker sites that offer a satellite tournament for the event. The prize that you can win in sites that let you play poker with Bitcoin includes a travel package that pays for your air fare, hotel, and much more. Part of the prize also includes a free buy-in to the main event that usually costs more than $1000.

There are plenty of Bitcoin poker sites that offer a satellite tournament for most upcoming Asia Pacific Poker Tour. These events usually have a daily tournament that has a small buy in of about $1. Winning this tournament will give you a free shot at the last online match that has the APPT tour package as a part of its prize pool.