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Live Bitcoin Poker

Skill-based, exciting, and downright awesome—this is how gambling enthusiasts perceive the classic card game of poker. However, add in the presence of Bitcoin and a series of superlatives will be undoubtedly used to describe how it is like to play poker with bitcoin.

Numerous Bitcoin casinos already offer several game variants, but most of these are software games that let you play alone against the house. While there is nothing strikingly negative about this setup, some poker aficionados simply prefer to play live Bitcoin poker in online rooms against real bettors.

Fortunately, several Bitcoin poker rooms are already established on the web, and these serve as the primary venues for diehard players to have their daily dose of poker betting.

If you intend to play on a poker table and join GTD tourneys, freerolls, and even cash games, then opting for the credible poker platforms is the best option. However, be advised that in order to play live Bitcoin poker, some websites require their players to download and install their software client. Thus, this basically means that you are tied to the computer you have installed the client on every time you have the urge to place bets and catch winning poker hands.

On the other hand, some Bitcoin poker platforms now also offer their poker room online using the flash technology. In this way, web-based Bitcoin poker rooms are more readily available and convenient to every poker aficionado using any PC or laptop.

Another noteworthy perk of playing poker in real-time in a room full of aficionados is the opportunity to engage in a friendly conversation with as many players as possible. Commend them for a great hand or share with them some useful tips on how to win poker. Whatever your agenda is, it is always fun to have this capability while enjoying rounds of live Bitcoin poker.

Clearly, online poker is best played against real aficionados mainly because the competition will be tougher, challenging, and self-gratifying after trumping all your opponents.