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High Low Chicago Poker Guide

High Low Chicago Poker is easy if you already know the 5-Card Draw and Seven-card Stud. But even if it’s your first time with the game, this handy High Low Chicago Poker Guide is here to help. For Seven Card Stud, the main game is the same. The only difference is there can be two winners.

The Showdown is revealed time, in card games. In Chicago Poker, there are two kinds: High and Low. For High Chicago Poker, whoever has the highest 5-card combo is the winner. But if there’s another player that has the highest spade in the hole, they get half of the pot. So if you have a face-up spade, it won’t work.

If you want to win half the pot in Low Chicago Poker, just have the lowest hidden spade card. Other than that, playing High and Low Chicago Poker is the same. You still need the highest hand to be the main winner when you play Bitcoin poker.

After a while, you’ll start understanding how the game works. Until then, however, the High Low Chicago Poker Guide is a quick and easy cheat sheet for you.

Understanding the Rules

Before you can play by the rules, you need to understand them first. Otherwise, what would be the point of this High Low Chicago Poker Guide? The dealer gives you cards like in Seven Card Stud. You will get two face-down cards, four face-up cards, and one last facedown card. In total, you will have 5 rounds of betting. You bet after every face-up card and one last time after the final card.

When you’re used to the flow of the game, you won’t even need a High Low Chicago Poker Guide.

Playing the Game

When you understand the rules of this Bitcoin poker game, then you can start and play poker with Bitcoin. Following the rules in the High Low Chicago Poker Guide, here’s what to do if the game’s just starting:

  • A person with the lowest face-up card will make the bring-in bet.
  • Agree on a fixed limit or no limit. If it’s going to be a no-limit game, you still need to call for agreeing with another amount.

After that, it’s time for the betting round. Every person has to choose: call, raise or fold. The person with the highest hand will start this round with a bring-in bet. Then players will receive their fifth face-up card. After the last betting round, all the players will get one last face up card.

After the final betting round, everyone needs to decide if they’re going to go after the highest/lowest spade in the hole, highest hand, or both. That’s the bare bones of this High Low Chicago Poker Guide.