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High Low Chicago Poker

Sometimes it can be tough to find the right High Low Chicago Poker Guide. If you’re a beginner, learning the High Low Chicago poker rules seems impossible. But you don’t have to worry. Knowing how to play poker takes more than just reading. After reading, you need to practice. If you need a quick refresher, here’s a quick start guide to playing High Low Chicago poker.

If you know how to play Seven Card Stud, that’s even better. Whether it’s high or low, there’s little difference between High Low Chicago Poker and 7-Card Stud Poker.

When you’re playing Chicago Low, the only difference is at the end. If a player’s hole card has the lowest spade, they get to split the pot with the winner. Chicago High is the opposite of Chicago Low. After the game, half the pot goes to the winner. The other half goes to the player with the highest spade hole card.

This only counts for hole cards, though. The Ace of Spades needs to come from the hidden cards. If it’s facing up, it won’t matter. If there’s no spade for the hole card, then the winner gets the whole pot. High Low Chicago Poker begins as most Bitcoin poker games do. First, you need to pay the ante.

Paying the Ante

Antes are mandatory and small bets. Usually, it’s 10% and it encourages people to contribute. This way, players won’t be waiting for the perfect hand. After everyone pays the ante, it’s time to play High Low Chicago poker.

First Betting Round

Everyone in High Low Chicago poker gets three cards. Two will be face down and one is face up. The face-up card is the “door” card. If you have the lowest card, you start the first betting round. You’ll be the one who pays for the bring-in. That’s the forced bet equal to the lower half of the lower betting limit.

Then the betting continues clockwise. Everyone needs to call the bring-in. If someone raises the bet, you call, re-raise or fold.

After, the dealer gives every player a face-up card. This is the Fourth Street. Whoever has the best hand showing starts the round. They can either bet, check, or fold. After the fourth, the fifth street is up next. The betting goes on. After the fifth street, all the betting amounts will get higher.

After the sixth and seventh streets, it’s time for the High Low Chicago poker showdown. Now it’s time for the big reveal. If you have the highest 5-card combo, you get half the pot. If someone else reveals the highest spade hole card, they win the other half.