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Follow the Queen Poker

Follow the Queen Poker is one of the many variations of this card game. You can expect this variation to be fun and exciting, as with all other Poker games. One thing that you need to look forward here is the twist of the game that makes it more intriguing and sometimes, frustrating for players. This version follows the same rules and guidelines of Seven Card Stud. If you know how to play poker, especially the version where Follow the Queen Poker came from, it will be easier for you to play it.

What to expect from Follow the Queen Poker

As mentioned previously, Follow the Queen Poker rules and guidelines are similar with Seven Card Stud. If you are not familiar with this Poker version, it starts with all players getting two faced-down cards and one card facing up. The player with the lowest ranking faced-up card starts the betting round.

There are five betting rounds; the first four rounds end with players getting four up cards each. The last betting round has one card facing down and the final showdown happens with all the remaining players forming the best hand. The player with the best hand wins the game.

The exciting twists of Follow the Queen Poker

Follow the Queen Poker has interesting twists that make it an exciting game. You may be wondering what role does the Queen plays in this game. Here is the reason for that: the Queen acts as the Wild symbol in this game. It means that when you get any of the four Queen cards, you get a Wild card. What makes this game even more interesting is that the card that follows the Queen will also become wild.

This rule may confuse you, so here is an example of this game. Supposedly, you get a Queen of Hearts, which will automatically become a Wild card. The next player draws a card, and gets a Jack of Spade. What will happen now is that all the Jacks become wilds, same with the Queen cards.

Based on the Follow the Queen Poker guide, another twist is that when a player gets another Queen card, the next card becomes a wild and the previous card will no longer be a wild. You may be wondering what will happen if a queen does not appear during the game as face up cards; if that happens, nobody wins the pot and another game starts.

Follow the Queen Poker is one of the most common home games of Poker. The game’s rules and twists make it a fun and exciting game. The next time you and your friends or family decide to play cards, consider playing this one and see for yourself how exciting this game can be.