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How to Play Bitcoin Poker

If you just agree that online poker is fun yet ordinary, better try your hands with Bitcoin poker. Aside from it offers full blast of perks and convenience such as anonymity, almost instant transactions, security, and very low transaction fees, you can keep calm that everything is innovative, easy, and speedy.

To start, first thing you have to know aside from Bitcoin poker rules is of course how to play Bitcoin poker. Just like other Bitcoin games, steps on how to play this card game is plain and simple. Basically, Bitcoin poker is played just like the typical online poker so the aspects you have to know are more on how to use Bitcoin as a mode of payment in poker rooms.

Steps on How to Play Bitcoin Poker:

1.)    First of course is to know where to play Bitcoin poker. There are numerous poker rooms online so you will be spoilt for choice. Just take note that before taking a plunge, ensure first that it is a reputable and outstanding Bitcoin poker site.

2.)    Download and install the free software. After these, make an account and choose whether to play for Free or For Bitcoins. To assure a smooth and hassle-free poker game, better try the tables in the Free play mode first. This way, you will have the chance to get acquainted with the interface and option buttons. Remember that your main command heavily relies on these buttons and for sure, you just can’t afford to have an expensive mistake.

3.)    Once you are ready, switch to the ‘Play for Bitcoin’ mode. To proceed, of course, you have to fund your account by making a deposit. All you have to do is send some sums of BTCs to the wallet address given or scan the QR code generated. If you don’t have sufficient amount of bitcoins, better hurry and purchase some to the trading market of your choice.

4.)    Your deposit will be credited to your account after a confirmation. After this, you can now proceed to the Players lobby and sit on the ‘table’ you would want to join the action.

5.)    Play Bitcoin poker with the best of your ability. If you win, you can sure withdraw your earnings based on the poker room’s terms and conditions.

In just five simple steps, you can certainly know how to play Bitcoin poker. Know these guides perfectly and get your wallets ready for largesse of winnings that will sure come your way.