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7-Card Stud Poker Guide

To a novice, playing 7-Card Stud Poker looks complicated. Luckily, you can find a lot of 7-Card Stud Poker Guide topics online. If the info is too complex, just remember: you can break it down to understand it faster. There may be plenty of poker tips, but as long as you have a good 7-Card Stud Poker Guide you’ll be fine.

This 7-Card Stud Poker Guide separates the core game into three easy parts. After a few games, you’ll be playing like a pro in no time.

7-Card Stud Poker Guide

Before the first round, the dealer will give you two down and one up card. Next, you’ll get three more upcards. As the dealer’s hands each card, you’ll have a betting round. Finally, you get one more down the card. When the dealer deals the last down card, you’ll have one last betting round. Then it’s time for the showdown. Whoever has the highest five-card combo wins the pot.

When you have fixed-limit games, you can wager smaller bets on the first two betting rounds. Larger bets happen after the fifth, sixth and seventh betting rounds. If there’s an open pair on the fourth card, you can opt to make a larger or smaller bet.  When you’re playing stud, don’t change the order of your up cards. It can end up misleading other players.

Betting Round Stage

If you forget any steps, refer to this 7-Card Stud Poker Guide. Before playing, everyone needs to put an ante in the pot. After dealing the ante, you get two faces down cards, and one face up card. The face down cards is the “hole cards” and the face-up card is a “door card.”

Then the first betting round starts. The dealer gives each player a “Fourth Street,” or a face-up card. Next is the second betting round. Every player receives another face-up card or a “Fifth Street.” Into the third betting round, you’ll receive a “Sixth Street.” It’s another face-up card. Then you have the fourth betting round. Instead of getting a face-up card, you get a “River,” or a face down card.

Last Round and the Showdown

Finally, it’s the last round and showdown. Everyone who’s still in reveals their hand. Starting the reveal will either be the last raiser or the first bettor.

You can use any five of your seven cards to make the best hand. Before the reveal, check your cards again. Once you decide, there’s no turning back.

When you’re familiar with the basics of the 7-Card Stud Poker Guide you can play poker games like Seven Card Stud High-Low or Mississippi Stud. You’ll be familiar with the game and the rules before you know it.