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7-Card Stud Poker

Poker is one of the most competitive games in almost any casino. One famous variant is the 7-card stud poker game. 7-card stud rules are also similar to other poker games. In fact, 7-card stud poker has a combination of Texas Hold’em and 5 card draw. Players who are familiar with these two games can easily learn how to play poker with the variant 7-card stud poker rule.

Poker basics

Omaha, Texas Hold’em Poker and even 7-card stud poker follow the same basic rules of poker. The player with the highest hand value wins the round. The hand value comes from the combination of cards a player could form. One example of a combination is the classic ‘pair’ which is formed from two cards with the same rankings. An example of a ‘pair’ hand is a set 5, 5, K, 2, 9 cards. The two 5s form the pair.

Pairs in poker are very common and are beaten by other high ranking hands. One example of a rare hand is a ‘straight’ which is formed from five consecutive ranking cards. A set of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 cards is one example of a ‘straight’.

There are different sequences when you play poker free in a single round of poker. For each of this sequence, players have three different actions to take.  The first is the ‘raise’ where players can bet more chips to the pot. The second is the ‘fold’ if the players want to give up their current hand and bet for the current round. The last option is ‘check’ which lets players end their turn without increasing their bet or surrendering their hand. If any player decides to ‘raise’ their bets, their opponent cannot perform a ‘check’. They must now choose to ‘call’ where they bet the same amount of chips as the player who did a ‘raise’.

7-card stud poker difference

The rules of 7-card stud poker is similar to 5 card draw rules because players only play with the cards on their hand and not on a community hand. Community hand is the set of cards on the table which the players need to use with their own cards.

Though just like Texas Hold’em, some of the player’s cards are revealed to all of the players. These are usually the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th cards of the players. The 1st, 2nd and 7th cards are not shown to the others. Veteran players of 5 card draw and Texas Hold’em poker needs to develop a new poker strategy when playing 7-card stud.

The variant rules of 7-card stud poker are an interesting take on the familiar way of playing poker.