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Enjoy Bitcoin Poker with BitPay Debit Card

It pays to have a BitPay Bitcoin debit card with you as you enter a virtual poker room to play Bitcoin poker. BitPay is one of the longest-running Bitcoin payment companies on the market.

Over the years it has been providing great services, it has earned the trust of many Bitcoin users including poker players. This is the reason high rollers worth their chops are sure to have a Bitcoin card from this payment company. Find out how you can benefit from using this debit card whenever you play poker with Bitcoin.

3 Reasons to Get BitPay Card for Playing Poker

Having a card that you can easily use to transfer bitcoins from your wallet to your poker account is a dream come true for Bitcoin poker players. Add to the convenience these three advantages of owning this debit card.

Quick Delivery

When you order a BitPay Bitcoin card from another company, it usually takes three to five weeks for the card to reach. If you want to cut the waiting time, you, however, have to pay $50 to $70. With BitPay, you get your card in seven days or less instead of weeks. You do not need to add more to the delivery charges too.

Compatibility with Global VISA ATMs

Having a Bitcoin card that only works in select ATMs is bothersome. You may need to drive several blocks just to make a quick withdrawal. BitPay removes such hassle by making your card compatible with any ATMs that accept VISA. This includes VISA ATMs outside of the US.

Low Card Costs

BitPay cards only cost $9.95. This is lower than others cards which go for around $15 or more than 0.1 BTC.

These are the main perks of using BitPay card. Get yourself this debit card and use it to load up your account with bitcoins you can use as buy-ins for poker tournaments.

Easy Ways to Order Your BitPay Card

Getting this Bitcoin debit card cannot get any simpler than these four steps. Follow this guide to get started in enjoying the benefits you can get from it.

  1. Sign up with BitPay. The first step is to visit BitPay’s website and create an account. You only need to use a working email address and make a good password to create an account.
  2. Fill out application form. You need to enter your personal info when applying for your card. This includes your complete shipping information where your card will be delivered. You also need to enter your birthday and social security number to help BitPay identify you.
  3. Pay for the card with Bitcoin. BitPay only accepts Bitcoin as payment for its debit card. The payment window is the same one used for any BitPay transaction. You can use the funds you might have in your BitPay wallet to cover the costs. You can also choose to pay for the card with another Bitcoin wallet by using the provided address in the transaction window.
  4. Load up your card. You can load your card with dollars by going to the dashboard of your profile and click on ‘Add Funds’. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit to your card. This opens a BitPay transaction window which lets you deposit money to your card via your BitPay wallet or another Bitcoin wallet.

When you get your own BitPay debit card, you will experience the convenience you deserve. Place your order on the BitPay website and use the card on your favorite Bitcoin poker room.

Treat Yourself like Royalty with BitPay

This card has more uses than for transferring funds to your poker account. Here are other ways you can enjoy this Bitcoin debit card.

Buy Items in Shops

Your BitPay card is accepted by restaurants, shops, or any business that takes VISA cards. Treat yourself to a nice pub when you take home the prize pool with a BitPay VISA card.

Withdraw Money from VISA ATMs

BitPay card makes it easy for you to turn your winnings into actual money by letting you use any VISA ATMs. This is a big deal if you happen to get a great win in a poker room while on a trip in another country. BitPay gives you the chance to turn that prize pool you won into pocket money so you can enjoy the trip more.

Play in Online Casinos

There are many online gambling sites that you might want to take a crack at. Some of these may not support Bitcoin or even Neteller. Fortunately, BitPay can be your gateway to these casinos by letting you use your Bitcoin wallet as a VISA card.

Your BitPay debit card proves to be more than a handy tool to satisfy your Bitcoin poker activities. Get yours now and experience how this Bitcoin debit card makes everything simpler, faster, and easier.