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Bitcoin Poker Games

Bitcoin poker is a staple casino game because of its rich gameplay. There are many variant games of poker that have different rules. However, Bitcoin poker games use the same rules of poker when it comes to determining the winning hand. By playing with different kinds of Bitcoin poker games, you can keep the poker experience feeling fresh and new for a long time.

5-card draw

In 5-card draw poker, each player receives five concealed cards. There are only two betting rounds in 5-card draw where a player can choose to raise his bets or match someone else’s bet. This makes the 5-card draw variant game much quicker than other Bitcoin poker games like Texas Hold’em and 7-card stud poker.

In each round, a player can choose to replace any of his cards to draw a new one. The option to draw and replace a card in hand is the mechanic that makes 5-card draw interesting than the other Bitcoin poker games. You can choose to replace some of your cards to improve the value of your hand. Advanced players might also draw a certain number of cards to trick his opponent into thinking his cards are weak or strong.

Texas Hold’em

In Texas Hold’em Bitcoin poker games, players receive two concealed ‘hole cards’. There are also five community cards that are drawn and shown on the table. You will use your ‘hole cards’ and the community cards to form a hand.

The player cannot replace his hole cards with new ones. By seeing more than half of the cards that everyone will use, you can measure the odds of your opponent whose hand is better than yours. The emphasis of Texas Hold em poker is in the betting rounds since there are several of them. The game is about deciding if you should take a risk with your current hand by calling a bet or raising your own.


Omaha has a similar rule to Texas Hold’em. Players have a set of hole cards and use the community card on the table to form a hand. In Omaha, players receive four hole cards instead.

What makes Omaha unique from other Bitcoin poker games that use a community card is in the rules of forming a hand. Players can only use two out of the four hole cards in their hand and three out of the five community cards. The rule makes it difficult for anyone to form a ‘four of a kind’ hand or a ‘full house’. Omaha poker still plays the same as Texas Hold’em where there are still many betting rounds in one game. The variant rule in the hand formation makes Omaha more challenging than Texas Hold’em.